Dialogues ON RACE

on December 11, 2008

Unity in the Community, an Olympia-based coalition dedicated to organizing positive and pro-diversity educational events, is planning a series of community dialogues on race.  This is inspired by the volume of public and private discourse on race sparked by the recent presidential election.

To that end, we offer the following:

  • 6 monthly discussions that progress through a series of issues

  • Host these discussions with community partners  

  • Choose locations for outreach value as possible

Schedule of Topics:

1) "Promoting Fair Housing 40 Years Later; What Works, What Doesn't, New Ideas" 

7:00 pm - Thursday, December 11, 2008

Location: Olympia City Council Chambers 900 Plum St. SE (Plum St. & 8th Avenue SE)
Panel Presentation:
Tim Seth, President, Washington Landlord Association
Marc Brenman, Executive Director, Washington State Human Rights Commission
Pat Tassoni, Thurston County Tenants Union Advocacy group

Moderator, Anna Schlecht, Olympia Housing Program Manager

Sponsors: City of Olympia Housing Program, Washington Landlord Association, Washington State Human Rights Commission, Thurston County Tenants Union and Unity in the Community.

For more information: 
please contact Anna Schlecht at (360) 753-8183 or aschlech@ci.olympia.wa.us

Download our pdf flyer about this event here.

2) "Tolerance & Free Speech; How does "hate speech" fit into the First Amendment?"

Panel Presentation:

Marc Brenman, State Human Rights Commission Executive Director

Media representative

1st Amendment Lawyer

Gabi & Alec Clayton, talking about the affect of hate speech

Location: To be announced.

3) Generational perspectives on the racial divide. How do different age groups define the issues and solutions? 

Panel Presentation:
An intergenerational mix of presenters, to be announced.

4) Youth Perspectives. How do young people view issues of race? 

Panel Presentation:
Local youth, to be announced.

Location: To be announced.

5) "Can't we all just get along?" How to resolve our conflicts stemming from racial differences.

Panel Presentation:
To be announced.

Location: To be announced.

Olympia Unity in the Community