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Rini Templeton
In 1992, the original Unity in the Community organized in response to the racially motivated The murder of Bob Buchanan Jr., a bi-racial Asian-American teen, by neo-Nazi skin heads, and the subsequent string of hate crimes throughout Olympia. Unity modified the Rini Templeton graphic above, and we are using it again today. [2470x2168 gif, 2470x2168 tif]

RiniRini Templeton was an activist artist who traveled throughout the world, drawing the struggles of peoples and freely offering her work for their use. She lived in Cuba during the revolution and was allowed re-entry into the United States only on the condition that she not teach or speak about Cuba or in favor of the revolution. She supported the US Chicano movement, the Chilean people after the 1973 military coup against President Allende, and popular resistance in Mexico, Nicaragua and throughout Latin America. Then and now, "In the spirit of Rini Templeton’s life and work, activists serving causes that Rini would have supported are invited to use drawings freely in their leaflets, newsletters, banners and picket signs or for similar non-commercial purposes." See Rini's bio and images.

Rini Fist Many local activists use Rini images. For instance, the drawing at the left is popular with OMJP. [1742x1654.tif]

Local graphic artists modified Rini's original drawing to produce the graphics used in our Web pages today. Feel free to use or modify in your own activist work.

Rini modified By an anonymous local artist.
[1172x995.jpg, 1172x995.tif]
Rini modified Another version by the same artist.
[1172x995.jpg, 1172x995.tif]
Rini modified Another anonymous local artist created
this version.
[400x351.jpg, 400x351.tif]
by Robert Torre Local photographer and activist
Robert Torre
contributed this version and . . .
by Robert Torre [300x263.jpg, 300x263.bmp]
See Robert Torre's website or email him.

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